Life is a poetry

Life is a poetry doesn’t matter if you read,

You can have someone to read it for you.

Life is a poetry, only if you want it to be

It is important to believe and that’s the only truth.

If you believe you can succeed

If your borther is the sky

And you look jelous on the birds

Then you have to learn to fly.

Keep going

Never forget to love the haters,

They remind you that you are still good.

Never forget how the victory smells

Even if it is misunderstood.

If someone doesn’t like you

The problem belongs to that one

If somebody likes you

Then the things are fine.

Be careful with the fake frends

They are as dangerous as a snake

Better have the ugly truth

Than to live in weird fake.

Bags fall-winter 2021

Hello friends, today we gonna speak about bags.

It is very important to say that nowadays everything is fashionable.

As a teacher I prefer bugger bags to backpacks for work and small bags for leasure.

The thing is you need to feel cozy.

The small bags can be quilted, crossbody, shouder type half-moon or round.

I am a big fan of the oversized bags or those which look like large but are with strong bottom like a suitcase.

The approprite material fro bags is leather but for the winter is suitable also the fluffy material.

Most of the bags can be used with a baseball cap and sportive shoes.

It is nice because you can do bags yourself and to be Just a fashion victim. I am a big fan of the no brand bags, but for sure will not refuse a branded one!

Enjoy the autumn and experess yourself!